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Baskets of love for the needy in Guatemala

SSIO volunteers in Guatemala City provided much-needed assistance to families affected by the global pandemic. More than 300 families have received food supplies as of May 2020, with each family receiving enough supplies to sustain five people for 15 days.

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Feeding the impoverished and homeless in Northwest Russia

SSIO members in the northwest region of Russia continued to serve food to people in need, in spite of the pandemic, every Saturday. Volunteers observed all safety precautions while distributing food by wearing masks and gloves and observing social distancing. They distributed food packages containing…

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Sathya Sai Food Kitchen in South Africa

In South Africa, SSIO volunteers, including Young Adults, started the Sathya Sai Food Kitchen during the festival of Guru Poornima in July 2020. On August 9, 2020, the group prepared 20 pots of food and served 500 people; the recipients were first screened for COVID-19…

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Selfless Service in Southern Russia

In celebration of Guru Poornima, SSIO volunteers from three cities in Southern Russia repaired and improved the apartment of a needy person. They replaced the wallpaper in the kitchen, installed a new wardrobe and restored the bathroom. The participants were grateful to Sri Sathya Sai…

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Serving the Needy in New Zealand

Since 2004, SSIO volunteers in New Zealand have been serving meals to people in need at the Phoenix House. The volunteers serve food to nearly 25 disadvantaged individuals every alternate Tuesday.

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