Parenting and Educator Workshops at Sathya Sai School, Guatemala

The Sathya Sai School in Guatemala has been selected as the best school in the country. The school was established 16 years ago and provides education from kindergarten to ninth grade. One of the school’s alumni now teaches at the school. In January 2015, a district supervisor from the ministry of education, whose son attends the school, arranged a two-day workshop on human values for public school teachers. Sixty teachers participated in the workshop and requested further training. In January 2015, more than 200 people attended a public meeting on parenting at the Sathya Sai School. Read More

Service Activities in Greece

The SSIO of Greece organised several service activities during December 2014 and January 2015. About 30 Sathya Sai volunteers donated two tonnes of firewood to help indigent families in Perama stay warm during the winter months. The volunteers also distributed clothing, blankets, hygiene kits, and 80 food parcels. Funds were provided to a low-income family to cover their monthly electricity and water bills and rent. Volunteer paediatricians examined about 40 children, some of whom were treated for illnesses, while others were given immunisations, and medicines were distributed to families in need. Read More

Sai Family Camp, Russia

About 35 people attended the annual regional family Sai camp in the Urals region, in early January 2015. The camp programme was dedicated to encouraging respect and friendship for elders. Even though it was winter, by Bhagawan’s grace, it was unusually warm during the whole camp, and everyone enjoyed the natural beauty of the surroundings. In addition, a joyful Sai Olympic event was organised. The family camp included creative workshops, morning and evening bhajans, games, and concerts. The morning programme began with a play based on the fairy tale, “Father Frost,” rendered in verses. Read More