At the end of October 2016, 28 SSIO members and seven others organised a regional medical and construction camp in the northwest region, near St. Petersburg, near a hospital. A volunteer team of three massage therapists, two psychologists, a cosmetologist, and a hairdresser provided loving services to 85 people, including hospital patients and staff. The psychologists advised patients on how to develop a positive attitude towards life when faced with challenges. Many people, happy with the services rendered, expressed their gratitude by offering homemade food and delicacies. An elderly lady brought tasty, hot buckwheat porridge in a clay pot, cooked on a special Russian stove, for the Sathya Sai volunteers. Three years ago, the hospital ward had been damaged in a fire and still needed restoration. Prior to the medical camp, construction experts had examined the ward and ordered all necessary materials for the repairs. Sathya Sai volunteers worked diligently to remove the charred ceiling and clean the walls. They installed and painted a new ceiling, hung wallpaper, installed new linoleum, and reinstalled the old skirting boards, giving the room a fresh makeover. The volunteers also distributed care packages to ten families in need.

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