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Medical Camp in Suriname

On 13th January 2018, 18 SSIO volunteers in Suriname organised a medical camp in Laarwijk, a small rural plantation in the Commewijne District, along the Suriname River. The volunteers provided free health screening for about 55 villagers, as well as

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Meals on Wheels in Canada

A Meals-on-Wheels drive, organised each month by the Sathya Sai Centre of Mississauga, underscores two important concepts, that of sharing plus the cultivation of love for all. On 25th March 2018, 11 energetic volunteers

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Serving Orphans in Thailand

On 26th November 2017, 41 volunteers, including 25 SSIO members, travelled to BaanGerda, a small community 230 km north of Bangkok that provides care and support for 48 orphaned children diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The volunteers distributed

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Christmas Celebrations in the UK

On 10th December 2017, members of the SSIO of UK from South West England and Wales participated in annual National Christmas Celebrations at Princess Hall, Cheltenham Ladies College. The event, themed

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