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Sathya Sai Cultural Summer Festival in Germany

About 50 Sathya Sai members attended a third Sathya Sai Cultural Summer Festival in Bad Neuenahr in July 2015. The event connected spirituality with local culture and traditions, with participants enjoying several presentations on the practice of love in business, religion, and cultural heritage.

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Celebrating Guru Poornima in Australia

The SSIO of New South Wales celebrated Guru Poornima with service. The youth conducted many projects, including a nursing home visit, food drive, tree planting, and organising a Life Skills programme for refugees and needy people. In July and August of 2015, Sathya Sai followers…

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Wildlife Rescue by Australian Youth

Over the past two years, Sathya Sai Youth in Western Australia have volunteered regularly at Native Arc, a volunteer-operated wildlife rescue sanctuary in the protected wetlands of Bibra Lake. The sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates injured Australian native animals in the region. Every three months, the…

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Children’s Camp in Ukraine

Odessa is Ukraine’s third largest city, on the north-western shore of the Black Sea, and was the site where Sathya Sai volunteers organised a children’s camp on human values from 12th to 20th July 2015. In addition to these lessons in human values, camp activities also included…

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Tree Planting in Australia

Tree planting is popular among Australians in July, not only because the National Tree Planting Day falls in this period, but also because of school holidays, cooler winter weather, and soil conditions. In 2015, SSIO members in the states of Western Australia, Victoria, New South…

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Sadhana Camp in Sai Prema, Greece

A fourth Sadhana Camp, held 10th–19th July 2015 in Sai Prema, Athens, and attended by 36 SSIO members from 12 European countries, included workshops on various spiritual topics related to divine love.

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