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Whitsun Festival in Germany

The Whitsun Meeting, coinciding with the Christian festival of Pentecost, started at a regional level more than 20 years ago and has now grown to a national annual festival. Held at Stemwede in northern Germany, this springtime event attracts Sathya Sai followers from all over…

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Clothes for Infants in Brazil

The Work Cradle is a service project established in August 1986 by a member of the Niterói Sathya Sai Centre in Rio de Janeiro to make layettes for newborn babies whose mothers were unable to afford them. As of 2014, Sathya Sai devotees have sewn…

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Easwaramma Day Celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago

The Sathya Sai Garden of Blooms Early Childhood Care and Education Centre in Longdenville celebrated Easwaramma Day on 6th May 2016, with the permission of the Ministry of Education. The singular value highlighted in the school during the week of celebration was Love, and the…

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Regional Retreat in Germany

During 6th to 8th May 2016, about 80 SSIO members and office bearers from southern Germany gathered at Wartaweil, near Lake Ammersee, for a regional retreat on the theme, “Human Values – Our Inner Treasure.” The group divided into three focus groups to concentrate on…

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Conference in Northwest Russia

From 4th–7th May 2016, the SSIO hosted a conference in the northwest region of Russia near St. Petersburg. Approximately 183 SSIO members from Russia as well as six neighbouring countries participated in the conference, themed “Unity through Love, Love through Unity.” On the first day,…

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