From 4th–7th May 2016, the SSIO hosted a conference in the northwest region of Russia near St. Petersburg. Approximately 183 SSIO members from Russia as well as six neighbouring countries participated in the conference, themed “Unity through Love, Love through Unity.” On the first day, Ms. Marianne Meyer, a director of the Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation and member of the Prasanthi Council, and Ms. Inga Pikullel addressed the group. Ms. Meyer emphasised that participation in the Sathya Sai mission is possible only by Baba’s grace, and SSIO members should be grateful to Bhagawan for such opportunities. The Zone 8 Choir, comprised of members from the central and northwest regions of Russia and four neighbouring countries, gave a heartfelt concert of traditional music. The repertoire included two songs that had been presented during the 90th Birthday celebrations in Prasanthi Nilayam as well as a very popular song about Sathya Sai youth. On the second day of the conference, participants attended roundtable sessions on how to work more efficiently, with inner transformation as the goal. On the third day of the conference, discussions and workshops focused on ways to disseminate Sathya Sai’s teachings worldwide. Multimedia presentations featuring Zone 8 activities were shown throughout the conference.