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Christmas Program in the Czech Republic

SSSIO members from Prague held a Christmas program in the chapel of the Sue Ryder Home, a nursing home for seniors suffering from ill health. The in-person Christmas vigil had been eagerly waited for. Introductory prayers and silent meditation were followed by readings of well-known…

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Summer Course 2022 in Austria

The 4th Summer Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) course was held in Austria in August and September 2022. Participants started the day by chanting Omkar, Suprabhatam, and the Vedas, followed by uplifting devotional singing and guided light meditation. SSE children spent time outdoors, planting trees and…

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Helping Victims of Floods in Belgium

On July 14, 2021, record rainfall in Western Europe caused catastrophic flooding and widespread damage in Belgium after the rivers overflowed their banks. SSSIO volunteers from Belgium, Germany, and Holland immediately sprang into action. In Belgium, seven volunteers traveled to Wallonia to clean the debris…

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Flood Aid in Germany

On July 14, 2021, unusually heavy rainfalls in the western parts of Germany caused the rivers Ahr and Erft to overflow. The resulting floods caused significant damage to nearby villages and cities. The Humanitarian Aid Committee of the SSSIO of Germany immediately set up a…

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