On July 14, 2021, unusually heavy rainfalls in the western parts of Germany caused the rivers Ahr and Erft to overflow. The resulting floods caused significant damage to nearby villages and cities. The Humanitarian Aid Committee of the SSSIO of Germany immediately set up a planning team to identify areas needing assistance and their specific needs. Volunteers brought in tools and equipment such as high-pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, pry bars, saws, and rotary hammers to help with the recovery operation. The team visited three villages on the banks of the river Ahr every week and distributed tools as well as household goods to the needy. Some of the SSSIO volunteers also gave a helping hand to local relief operations. The affected people were overwhelmed by the solidarity shown by everyone, the willingness to help, and the kind donations. A local government official expressed gratitude for the assistance rendered by the SSSIO volunteers, which is expected to continue throughout 2021.