The Sathya Sai Centre of Budapest organised a colourful Easter programme on 23rd March 2016 for people with physical and mental challenges residing at a home in Perbál, in the countryside. The event, held in cooperation with the management of the home, came alive with music, dancing and display of arts. A dedicated, professional husband and wife team from the Sathya Sai Centre of Budapest took a one-hour trip to present a short Latin dance at Perbál, and returned to Budapest immediately for another performance. Sathya Sai volunteers entertained the guests by singing traditional Hungarian songs, inviting the audience to participate, amidst cheer and laughter. Earlier, the ladies had painted the Easter eggs artistically, in preparation for the ceremony, which is near and dear to Hungarians.

03192016_Hungary_care_home_painting_eggs1 copy

03192016_Hungary_care_home_painting_eggs6 copy

03192016_Hungary_care_home_painting_eggs4 copy

03192016_Hungary_care_home_latin_dance2 copy