In Hungary, the SSIO celebrates Sathya Sai Baba’s Birthday through putting His valuable teachings into practice by feeding the needy, serving the aged and the lonely, and organising community singing and creative programmes for all to enjoy. On the morning of 19th November 2016, 10 volunteers distributed 70 food packages to people living on the cold streets of Budapest. The same afternoon, 15 volunteers visited a nursing home for the elderly with severe physical or mental challenges, who have been abandoned by their families. The volunteers performed heart-warming Hungarian songs, inviting the audience to join in, and distributed delicious food to the residents. On Sunday, 26th November 2016, about 100 people observed Swami’s Birthday through a programme focused on His teaching, “Nature is the best teacher.” The proceedings included the screening of a video on Baba’s teachings on nature and the environment, accompanied by beautiful photographs of landscapes; a children’s play depicting the value of the forest; and a musical offering of devotional songs from many faiths. Feedback from the audience indicated they greatly enjoyed the programme.


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