The SSIO of Hungary organised a Sai Summer Retreat from 12th to 16th August 2016. More than 40 enthusiastic participants attended the event at the Angel Garden Camp and reminisced about the past ten years’ activities of the Organisation. The four days spent together were uplifting and idyllic, not only from the scenic environment and the tranquil surroundings, but also due to the good company and the spiritual programmes. Activities included devotional singing, lectures, and discussions on advanced spiritual topics and sharing of personal stories about Sai Baba. A play, titled “Theatre of Human Values,” mirrored humorously the follies of day-to-day life, and a talent show allowed participants to display their artistic talents, adding to the joyful atmosphere. The participants hiked to a nearby mountaintop and the ancient ruins of a castle, as an exercise to strengthen team spirit and cooperation.

vincent-viczi-sai_tabor2016_3 vincent-viczi-sai_tabor2016_6