Twice a year, SSIO members from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan serve food to the underprivileged, in a joint effort, on the same day. On 12th March this year, 327 Sathya Sai devotees came together to prepare food with loving care, and served over 1,300 people in 63 cities in Russia and adjoining countries. SSIO members from 38 Centres and 42 Groups, including 26 youth participated in this massive project. A few needy people also brought dishes to take food back to their children, the sick and the elderly, at home. In addition to hot meals, medicinal ointments, hydrogen peroxide, bandages, as well as soap and socks were distributed. The volunteers also conversed with the needy recipients lovingly and kindly, warming their hearts. In several cities, Sathya Sai volunteers fed the animals and the birds. It was touching to see how the cats, dogs and birds greeted the volunteers lovingly, in their own way, reacting with pleasure at their kindness.

2016.03.12 -Z8- Russia -region 2- Zone feeding copy

2016.03.12 -Z8- Russia -region 6 -Zone feeding (2) copy

2016.03.12 -Z8- Russia -region 7- Zone feeding (2) copy

2016.03.12 -Z8-Kazakhstan-Zone feeding copy

2016.03.12 -Z8- Russia -region 5 -Zone feeding-clothing distribution copy


2016.03.12 -Z8- Belarus-Zone feeding copy