On 21st March 2017, SSIO members from Belgium and the Netherlands held a concert for Kurdish refugees sheltered in northern France. About 15 SSIO volunteers organised the event to welcome the Kurdish New Year, in collaboration with local cultural associations and the city council of Dunkirk, France. Many of the refugees expressed how touched they were by the volunteers’ kindness and the loving gesture.

On 22nd March 2017, SSIO members delivered food and essential supplies to a warehouse in nearby Veurne, Belgium, for distribution to refugees in France. Subsequently, the volunteers transported fresh food, firewood, blankets, sleeping bags, camping gas, and other essentials to Steenberge and Norrent-Fontes in northern France. Four refugees from Eritrea, upon receiving the food and supplies, invited the volunteers to their tents and expressed their joy and gratitude. Despite the harshness of life in a refugee camp, they were thankful for freedom and liberty, and the loving welcome given to them.