On 22nd October 2016, the SSIO of UK celebrated Avatar Declaration Day with a programme titled “Sai Vandana: National Gratitude & Serve the Planet Day,” at Grey Court School in London. For the second year running, 108 long-standing senior members of the SSIO, all over 70 years old, received recognition for their dedication, love, and sacrifice to further the divine mission. The programme commenced with devotional singing, followed by an inspiring address by the National Council President of UK. The SSE children staged a beautiful dance, dedicated to the elders for their inspiration and guidance. Each senior SSIO members then received a shawl and a beautifully lit carved glass trophy depicting the unity of the major world religions. The second half of the programme focused on the global Serve the Planet project. Highlights of activities carried out under the 2016 theme, “Love for Animals,” were presented, and a joint venture with one of the largest charities in the UK, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, was also unveiled. Then representatives from Refuge UK, a charity supporting vulnerable women and children, briefed participants on their work in collaboration with the SSIO of UK.