The UK North Sathya Sai Retreat was held during 26–28 July 2019 in the serene setting of the Lake District, a beautiful mountainous region in northwest England. The retreat theme was “Sathyam (Truth), Shivam (Goodness), Sundaram (Beauty).” This year’s workshops took the participants on a spiritual journey, from Sathyam, understanding the true purpose of life and the true spiritual teacher, to Shivam, being aware of the inherent goodness within us, and finally to Sundaram, realizing Nature’s divine beauty, with the latter aligned to the SSIO’s Serve the Planet initiative.

The morning programmes began with chanting Omkar (the primordial sound) and devotional songs. SSIO member listened to inspiring speakers like Mr. Keith Banfield and Ms. Nandini Sharma who described how they experienced Sathya Sai Baba in their daily lives. Another speaker, Mr. Mukund Patel, talked about Work as Worship and Duty to God.  Children enjoyed themselves attending special Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) sessions, including a Serve the Planet workshop, a meditation session, nature walks, and a values-based martial arts session.