On Avatar Declaration Day in 2013, Sathya Sai volunteers, including youth, resolved to serve the homeless in Rijeka. The volunteers spent several hours in locating 30 destitute individuals who usually hide from public view, and served them sandwiches, cakes, fruit, and milk, arranged nicely on white tablecloths. On Christmas Day 2013, the volunteers returned to serve food to the homeless and entertained them with a musical programme. The workers of a nearby business, in appreciation of the loving services, switched on powerful overhead lights, lighting up the street. This service project continued on the streets on a monthly basis until 2014, when a few Sathya Sai volunteers opened a restaurant on the same street. The volunteers now invite the homeless to dine inside the restaurant, where they are seated comfortably at tables set with china and silverware.

Inside the Restaurant where the homeless are served

Restaurant where the homeless are served