The Institutes of Sathya Sai Education (ISSEs) of South Europe and North Europe jointly hosted a second European Managers Conference on the weekend of 9th–10th April 2016. Despite ongoing strikes in Greece and Italy, 35 business managers and interested parties from Greece, Italy, Norway, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, and South Africa came together at Mother Sai, a conference centre of the SSIO of Italy, in Milan. They were joined by a government representative from Rome and the Mayor of Varallo Pombia, a municipality in the province of Novara. The conference, themed “Managing Change and Growth through Human Values and Spiritual Leadership,” included lectures and workshops on three main topics: (1) creating awareness of the need for values-based management, (2) sharing experiences of implementation of values-based management, and (3) establishing a platform for management based on spirituality. Three business leaders, Manfred Müller-Gransee from Germany, Markos Lyras from the U.K., and Thomas Rohland from Holland, presented their experiences in implementing management systems in their own companies, built upon the five human values of truth, right conduct, peace, love, and nonviolence. They were joined by George Bebedelis and Vassiliki Stephanides from Greece, trainers from the ISSE South Europe, who spoke at great length on the importance of truth and right conduct in business practices. In the workshops that followed, participants shared ideas and offered new insights into how human values and spiritual leadership can become focal points for managing commercial enterprises. Panel discussions were held to take these ideas forward by creating a vision for fostering economic growth based on the human values. Conference participants were inspired by the ideas for creating sustainable economic growth and gratefully acknowledged the dedicated service of the Sathya Sai volunteers who organised the conference.

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