In early 2015, Sathya Sai volunteers found that the water level in the river Rjecina had dropped, exposing large deposits of nylon, tin, and plastic waste in the river bed. Eleven volunteers, including eight women, began cleaning the river bed on the following Sunday, 9th March 2015, International Women’s Day, dedicating their service to Mother Earth. In less than two hours, the volunteers collected twelve bags of garbage. The environmental protection coordinator for the city of Rijeka informed the volunteers that their exemplary service had sparked the formation of a Green Clean Up 2015 project, to be conducted on Earth Day. Many community residents, volunteers, schools, and other institutions were expected to participate in this environmental project.

Croatia Moving rubbish from river bed



Croatia Volunteer collecting rubbish

Croatia Volunteer removing rubbish

Croatia Volunteers at work

Croatia Twelve bags of rubbish collected in two hours

Croatia Finaly all is clean

Croatia Sathya Sai Volunteers getting ready for cleanup