In mid-March 2020, Ukraine participated in their first zone-wide food distribution amidst the global pandemic. In Kiev, SSIO volunteers offered porridge, bread, vegetables, rice and tea to more than 50 needy people. In addition, they provided financial assistance to children with disabilities at a local church and collected shoes for distribution to migrants. SSIO volunteers also provided classes on environmental protection at a local school, which then began to use homemade containers for recycling garbage, including plastic. Funds raised through recycling were used to assist sick children. The Headmaster of the school was pleased with the project and recommended it to other schools in the area.

SSIO volunteers also lovingly served buckwheat porridge with vegetables and other snacks to the destitute in Kharkov, Dnieper and Vinnitsa. They continued to feed the homeless at the Reintegration Centre in Sumy, and also distributed shoes and socks before cold weather set in.