In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SSIO of USA Region 9 (Southwest USA) launched the MASK (Motivational Acts of Selfless Kindness) project in early April 2020. More than 30 volunteers from Sathya Sai Centers in Arizona and the local community made and distributed about 2,000 masks at homeless shelters, hospitals and to the elderly and spiritual groups. Almost half the masks were given to the Navajo nation who have been heavily affected by the pandemic. In Colorado, an elderly SSIO volunteer teamed up with seniors in a retirement home to make masks for first responders, children’s hospital, and a local shelter. These so-called “Face Mask Warriors” also gave 150 masks to a local shelter, of which fifty masks had cheerful designs for children, to brighten their spirit. A nurse who received the mask reflected, “I am a frontline worker. I cannot express my gratitude enough. I feel divine love and protection by wearing the mask. For me, those hands which made these masks are God’s own hands.”