On 13th April 2019, to commemorate Earth Day, the SSIO of Taiwan participated in a Charity Bazaar in Bali, a suburb of Taipei. In preparation of the event, Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) students prepared and displayed colourful posters with the theme ‘Protect the Planet’ and encouraged the public to become vegetarian. Students also made paper bowls to reduce the use of plastic. A group of 44 volunteers were joined by 5 Young Adults and 28 SSE students at the Happy Mount – a home for people afflicted by leprosy and children with mental challenges. Thousands of people attended the event, which started with a musical performance with SSEHV theme, presented by the students. Many visitors were impressed by the enthusiasm of the volunteers and the SSE students. The visitors tasted a variety of delicious vegetarian foods at the booths and were impressed with the vegetarian fare. The SSIO of Taiwan has participated in this annual service activity for more than 20 years and has received many certificates of appreciation over the years.