Initiated in 2010 by an SSIO educator, Margaret Taplin, the Buddies in English and Educare (BEE) Service programme aims to infuse students with human values, as taught by Sathya Sai Baba. Instructions are given in English, and the programme also enhances the English speaking, writing, and reading abilities of underprivileged students at a local primary school in Hong Kong. A variety of activities are incorporated to inspire participants to engage in the chosen theme for the session. The teachers plan Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV) activities, and Sathya Sai Young Adult volunteers deliver the lessons on the second Saturday of each month to 15 to 22 students. Most of the students in the BEE programme have given positive feedback. The Young Adult facilitators have also noticed significant improvements in the confidence of the students when they use English to communicate and express themselves. The classes energize the children and young adults and encourage them to reflect on their actions at home, in school, and in the wider community. The facilitators and participants have successfully built long-term relationships where they can learn from each other.  One of the volunteers, Ishina Sakhrani, said, “The BEE programme is definitely exciting and fulfilling. Being around kids who have so much energy and are so eager to learn is what motivates and inspires me.”