Annually, 270,000 children enter the foster care system in USA. Many of these children are placed in foster care due to allegations of abuse at home, homelessness, or temporary family emergencies. Comfort Cases is a national non-profit centre that provides personal supplies for children entering the foster care system. Backpacks, filled with personal items that include a blanket, toiletries, pyjamas, a book and a stuffed animal, are delivered to the foster children in their new home, providing them with hope and love along with essential items for comfort and utility.

On 23rd February 2019, SSIO volunteers from South Bethesda in Maryland were at the Comfort Cases Centre to help to take inventory and fill backpacks that would be delivered to foster children. Members filled colourful backpacks with items while joyously singing devotional songs. One SSIO volunteer remarked, “It is great knowing that a child receiving a backpack will have their own items, making them feel loved and more secure. It also fulfils the organization’s mission of giving children dignity.”