More than 80 people gathered at the beautiful Cathedral Ridge Retreat Centre in Woodland Park, Colorado for the annual Southwest Regional Retreat held from 31st August to 2nd September 2019. The retreat theme was Living in God – Day to Day with Sai. As part of the retreat programme, attendees engaged in various enviro-care service projects. One group cleared a trail up a mountain, marked by the 12 Stations of the Cross, describing the last journey of Christ before the Crucifixion. While clearing the path, some participants taught others about the spiritual significance of walking to each of the 12 stations.

A second group, tasked with defining a number of paths with stone borders, laid down stones to create symbols of various faiths in one of the clearings. Dr. Sunder Iyer, a guest speaker at the retreat, explained their deeper significance. The symbols were left there for future visitors to reflect on the message of the Unity of Faiths. Finally, the last group carried out the hard work of carrying heavy picnic tables to their desired location and cleaning all the windows throughout the Retreat Centre. Through these service activities, the attendees experienced first-hand a deeper understanding of the Unity of Faiths and how many paths lead to Oneness. The staff of Cathedral Ridge marvelled at how quickly, thoroughly and efficiently the volunteers accomplished all their tasks.