“Cage homes” are partitioned cubicles within small flats that are rented to low-income or unemployed residents of Hong Kong or underprivileged immigrants from China. The cubicles are minimal living areas partitioned by wooden boards, or beds separated by wire mesh. They are often located in old, dilapidated, multi-story buildings, not serviced by elevators. The cage homes offer poor living conditions that can be dangerous and unhygienic. Since 2004, the SSIO of Hong Kong has served occupants of these cage homes every six weeks, providing rice and necessities, along with loving company. Thanks to the hard work of SSIO volunteers, the number of people served has grown from 30 in 2004 to 120 in 2017. These service activities, now conducted bimonthly, attract people who want to serve the needy, alongside the SSIO members. On 22nd January 2017, in addition to rice and other staples, the group gifted traditional Chinese biscuits and colourful scarves to the needy to welcome the Chinese Year of the Rooster.