On 26th March 2017, the SSIO of Hong Kong, in conjunction with other faith traditions, hosted an interfaith Walk for Values on the theme, “Protect the Planet.” Although it rained the night before and in the early morning, the rain stopped before the opening ceremony, and not a drop fell on the gathering. After devotional prayers, a Zoroastrian priest, a chief Imam, a Jewish Rabbi, and the devotional coordinator of the SSIO of Hong Kong, spoke about our duty to live in harmony with nature and protect Mother Earth. Members of a Sikh Temple blessed the gathering of 200 people and shared a few words from the Sikh tradition, after which African drums heralded the start of the 45-minute walk around Hong Kong Peak, overlooking the famous skyline and harbour of the city. After the walk, participants listened to inspiring talks by Buddhist and SSIO leaders on the universal human values and Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings on ceiling on desires. SSIO and Sikh Temple volunteers provided refreshments to the values walkers, along with a reusable, souvenir water bottle, to discourage the use of disposable plastic bottles.