On 15th October 2016, Sathya Sai Young Adults from Suriname organised a public outreach event, Walk for Values 2016, with the dual themes of “Love For Animals” and “Go Green.” The 4-kilometre walk, held in the capital city, Paramaribo, attracted about 128 people, ages 4 to 75, including 58 newcomers from all walks of life. During registration, participants chose one of the human values. Sathya Sai Youth painted banners with quotes about the various values, and depicted the values on flags that were carried aloft during the walk. The youth also led values-based games, such as Fishing for a Value, where players could “fish” for letters to form a value. In another game, Bowling Away the Negative, participants rolled balls to knock over bottles with negative values written on them. In the game, Picking a Positive Thought, players drew from a bowl a random quote on a positive theme. After the walk and games, an interfaith programme featured performances and talks by representatives of the Arya Samaaj, Brahma Kumaris, Roman Catholic, and Chinese groups. One of the speakers from Arya Samaaj greeted the audience with Sai Ram, and quoted Sathya Sai Baba’s words, Hands that help are holier than lips that pray, during his address. In closing, living plants were distributed to participants of the Walk for Values, to inspire care for Mother Nature.

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