The theme of the Serve the Planet project in 2016 was Love for Animals. Sathya Sai members in Belarus organised projects to serve homeless animals at rescue shelters. On 1st August 2016, a group of volunteers visited an animal shelter in the Sevryuki bowery and distributed 25 kg of animal feed and vaccines. The facility owner briefed the visitors about the needs of the shelter, which housed 87 dogs and 30 cats. The volunteers played with the animals and posted their pictures in various places, for adoption in the future.

On 1st August 2016, Sathya Sai volunteers visited another animal shelter in Minsk, which had three dogs and 12 cats. The volunteers helped with general cleaning and disinfection of the premises and played with the homeless animals. They walked the dogs and cleaned the shelter, fixtures, animal booths, and utensils. Many volunteers were touched by the love shown by the animals, and one Sathya Sai volunteer adopted a cat.

2016-07-31-8z-belarus-serve-the-planet-vitebsk-animal-shelter-installation-of-trays-in-the-cages-for-dogs 2016-07-31-8z-belarus-serve-the-planet-cleaning-at-the-shelter