On a cold autumn day in mid-October 2018, over 300 volunteers from 59 cities across Zone 8 spread joy and cheer by serving over 1,300 needy people in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan. In this semi-annual service, SSIO volunteers distributed warm food and clothes to the impoverished near temples, train stations, shelters, garages and markets. The volunteers prepared food while drawing inspiration from prayers and devotional singing. They served hot pilaf, buckwheat porridge with vegetables, hot cakes, buns, muffins, fruits, vegetables, cookies and sweets to the hungry. In Ukraine, volunteers supplemented this service by also providing much-needed toiletries and lovingly conversed with the needy in their native language, creating an atmosphere of happiness and love. In the northwest region of Russia, SSIO volunteers further organised a concert in a night shelter, singing joyful songs. During another visit, this time to a care facility for Veterans, the residents sang and danced enthusiastically with the volunteers. This international day of the service filled the participants with a spirit of enthusiasm, joy, reverence and gratitude.