On 7th and 8th November 2015, about 335 people, including 165 newcomers, attended public meetings in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the Ukraine. The SSIO organised these events to share Sai Baba’s teachings on the unity of faiths, the purpose of life, and the importance of developing good character through love and selfless service. The meetings were held in different venues, including sanatoriums, meeting centres, homes of SSIO members, and a hospital. Highlights of the events included films about Bhagawan and His works, speakers describing SSIO activities and service projects, and the answering of questions posed by guests. After the meetings, children received gifts and sweets. Human values classes for children were also organised in seven of the cities where public meetings were hosted. In St. Petersburg, Russia, a speaker related an interesting and inspiring story of how Baba saved him from bullies.

2015-11-07-8Z-Belarus-Zone meeting with the public 2015-11-07-8Z-Russia-1 region-meeting with the public 2015-11-07-8Z-Russian- region 3-meeting with the public (2) 2015-11-07-8Z-Russian- region 3-meeting with the public 2015-11-07-8Z-Russian-region 4-meeting with the public 2015-11-07-8Z-Russian-region 7-meeting with the public (3) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA