Inspired by Sathya Sai Baba’s declaration that women can become brilliant beacons to serve humanity, the SSIO of Latvia hosted a three-day workshop in February 2016, in the capital city, Riga, on the role of women in family, in society, and in the SSIO. Maria Quoos, Central Coordinator, SSIO Region 73, led 22 women on a journey toward greater Self-awareness by inspiring them to nurture their inner strengths and to pursue their mission as women in society. She emphasised that by knowing and loving themselves, they can nurture their character and assume greater responsibility for making the world a happier place. The sessions were full of laughter, tears, and open discussions, and the workshop was permeated with a strong sense of oneness and love for one another. To give voice to individual talents, each participant created a unique piece of art at the end of the workshop, such as a sculpture, drawing, poem, or song, as a symbol of manifesting the divine love latent within oneself. During the closing ceremony, participants presented their creative artwork and shared individual experiences.

During February 2016, two evening meetings, themed “Love: the Presence of Divine Energy,” were held in Venstpils, located 200 km from Riga, and in Riga itself. The discussions focused on the role of the SSIO and on applying the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba in daily life. The evening sessions were well attended by SSIO members and the public.

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