The Sathya Sai Centre of Riga celebrated Christmas on 26th December 2016. The festivities began with children’s activities followed by a story about St. Nicolas, a Christian bishop from the 4th century C.E. who became famous for giving gifts to the poor and from whose character the legend of Santa Claus evolved. The children were then told stories about Christmas Angels, people who help others and share love, which was so inspiring that all the children wanted to become Christmas Angels. The group then made beeswax candles as symbols of love and light, as gifts for women at a homeless shelter served by the Sathya Sai Centre over the past three years. SSIO members prepared 63 packets of gift items and all participants rehearsed a Christmas concert in preparation for their upcoming visit to the shelter. The women at the shelter extended a warm welcome to the volunteers during their visit, and everyone joined in the singing, making the concert a great success and touching many hearts. SSIO volunteers engaged in heart-to-heart conversations with the residents of the shelter, which revealed to them that selfless love begets love in return.

latvia-christmas-2016-making-candles-for-christmas-gifts latvia-christmas-2016-rehearsal-in-satja-sai-centre-of-riga latvia-christmas-2016-preparing-christmas-gifts