On 17th July 2016, the SSIO of Latvia invited families with children to celebrate Human Values Day in a park in Sguida. About 41 people participated in the event, including 11 SSIO members and youth. The day began with a study circle introducing the five human values and narrating values-based stories from the book Sai Spiritual Stories. A discussion titled “House” then focused on Sathya Sai Baba’s analogy of spiritual progress being like building the parts of a house, with Self-confidence being the foundation, Self-satisfaction and self-sacrifice the walls, and Self-realisation the roof. After enjoying a picnic lunch in the park, the group engaged in a treasure hunt, scouring the surroundings to find quotations of Sai Baba that had been hidden previously. The youth helped chaperone the children and organised games and activities for them, including painting sessions based on spiritual themes. The day concluded with devotional singing in Latvian and Lithuanian, along with bhajans, accompanied by a guitar played beautifully by a Lithuanian attendee.

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