Traditionally, the SSIO of Germany organises a summer camp for children every year. In the first week of August 2015, 45 Sathya Sai devotees – children, female youth and teachers – came together at the youth hostel of Linsengericht, a beautiful village in the Spessart mountains of central Germany. The event focused on three aspects of love: the source, the path, and the goal – the same topic as the Tenth World Conference in 2015. Every morning, in addition to devotional singing, a Sathya Sai teacher narrated a lively story that was later used for lessons with the children. SSIO members attended study circles in the mornings, and the afternoons included creativity workshops, sports, excursions and outdoor games. In the evening, the story related in the morning was enacted in the form of a role-play. One afternoon, the children presented songs and dances at a nearby home for seniors, touching the hearts of the audience.

Concurrently with the children’s summer camp, the male Sathya Sai youth held another summer camp in Hohenprießnitz, near Leipzig, where a centre for service, Atmaseva, has been established. The volunteer team of 31 male youth and teachers performed construction work and gardening. They removed the floor of an old building, helped with laying bricks, and cleaned and worked in the garden. In addition, study circles were held, along with devotional singing.

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