During February – March 2015, 32 Sathya Sai members from the centres and groups in Belarus attended the SSIO national conference, held annually since 1998. The conference theme was “Love Is the Source, Love Is the Path, Love Is the Goal” and included a seminar on information dissemination, with reference to the zonal website and a new magazine, Sai Ram. Other presentations included seminars on personal transformation, unity in Sathya Sai centres and groups, and creative projects of interest. Representing both humour and spiritual quest, Sathya Sai youth from Vitebsk staged a skit that reflected humorously on the challenges of personal sadhana, and the Minsk centre presented a song. The conference facilitated discussions on new ideas in work, communication, and personal sadhana (spiritual practice).

Z8 Belarus Round table discussions on education

Z8 Belarus Round tabe discussion

Z8 Belarus Reporting at National Conference

Z8 Belarus National conference participants