A medical, educational, and service camp was organised during summer 2014, in north-west Russia. More than 155 Sathya Sai volunteers from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine provided medical services to 2,560 people in eight villages. The medical team of 27 specialists included ophthalmologists, optometrists, podiatrists, dentists, psychologists, and a physician, oncologist, endocrinologist, and dermatologist. About 340 pairs of eye glasses were distributed, in addition to medicines. In addition, 70 volunteers renovated two residential flats, installed three doors, and repaired a railing at a hospital, and renovated a boarding school and a newspaper office. Clothing as well as 120 packages of food and supplies were distributed to families in need. Two portable computers were given to children.

Educare programmes were organised by 23 teachers for 325 people, including at least 285 children. The programmes included classes on human values, musical and educational activities, creative workshops, and presentations for teenagers on the prevention of tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse. More than 75 individual activities were organised at this camp, including lectures to 27 preschool educators. In gratitude for organising the children’s classes and entertainment programmes, a local resident offered a bouquet of flowers from her garden, wrapped in orange paper, to the “One who organised all activities.”

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