It has been service, service, and more service in Australia as SSSIO volunteers helped fulfill local needs. They continued to serve their communities during the new wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Volunteers from the Wembley Sai Center of Western Australia cook and deliver hot food, sandwiches, and drinks to local homeless shelters and primary schools in the area, weekly. They also cleaned up garbage from Wembley Community Centre and Rutter Park as part of the Clean-up Australia Day Project.

Other SSSIO members provided flood relief in multiple affected cities and contributed to women’s hygiene items. A unique and innovative service involved mothering orphaned baby possums.

The volunteers created boxes and pouches to imitate the possums’ mothers’ pouches.

The volunteers also supported Sri Lankans during the recent economic crisis and provided food to refugees in the New South Wales (NSW) region.

For Ladies’ Day, they designed unique ‘Sai’ cushions for distribution to women.