On October 29-30, 2022, SSSIO members of the USA Mid-Central Region hosted their first women’s retreat in Nashville, TN, on the theme Inquiry, Intuition, and Inner Strength – the three spiritual powers that Sri Sathya Sai Baba attributed to women. The goal was to discover and apply these powers in daily life. A program of workshops, panel discussions, and inspiring speakers made the retreat a beautiful, spiritually uplifting, and nourishing event. Discussions focused on unmasking the real Self (Atma), using intuition to connect to the divinity within, striving to live the teachings of Sai, and taking time for self-care. Finally, everyone participated in a service project.

Participants were elated with the experience. One person said, “For me, it was like my soul was cleansed as though I had gone on a pilgrimage.” Another devotee added, “I felt Sai’s Grace overflowing throughout! I continue to experience that bliss to this day.” Finally, another participant beautifully concluded, “It is a feeling within that needs to be experienced and cannot be expressed in words!”