Since 2021, about ten SSSIO members have volunteered twice a month with a local organization Sound Foundations Northwest, to build tiny homes for the homeless in Seattle, Washington. Guided by the coordinators, the volunteers construct 8′ x 12′ tiny homes in a large warehouse – using power tools to cut wood, assemble the house, build the roof and inner walls, and finally, caulk and paint the house. It has been both a fun and learning experience for all.

A member involved in this project said: “Building a shelter for someone in need seemed like an impossible dream until I came across this tiny home project. The coordinator at the warehouse has set up a very user-friendly process so that anyone, even those with no prior experience, may learn how to construct a tiny home. Every time I participate, I grow in self-confidence and feel a great sense of accomplishment. It is gratifying to know that every time I nail the wood or paint a wall, I am helping to provide a roof over someone’s head”.