The Sri Sathya Sai Center of Dallas, Texas, started a gardening project in 2013 with the adoption of two raised bed plots in a local church’s community garden. Since then, the Center has donated more than 1,250 pounds of fresh produce to local area food banks and other charitable organizations. The fresh produce includes cucumbers, bell peppers, peppers, Swiss chard, spinach, strawberries, eggplant, okra, broccoli, beets, and radishes. The project has expanded to include building raised-bed gardens and keyhole gardens in the homes of SSSIO volunteers. Volunteers build the garden themselves and give them a “human value” or “sub-value” name chosen by the family. So far, there are 21 such Sai Gardens. Families have found growing vegetables in their home gardens a gratifying activity and experienced a sense of higher purpose when the produce is donated to the local food pantry. Eating fresh organic produce also promotes a sense of well-being and good health. One SSSIO volunteer reflected, “This project has given us an opportunity to work as a family and do something outdoors in this gadget-driven era. It also makes the children understand the time and effort needed to grow vegetables and how to take care of the plants.”