In mid-October 2021, the 13th SSSIO conference of the Siberian Region of Russia was organized.  The theme of the conference was ‘Unity is Divinity and Purity is Enlightenment.’ This 2-day conference was held in a hybrid format with 51 participants from 11 different cities. The conference featured highlights of service and educational activities in the region. A joyful concert with parables, songs, poems, and bhajans brought the first day of the conference to a close.

Participants interacted in small groups and discussed the concept of spontaneously speaking on a topic related to Bhagawan’s teachings. Inspirational speeches were given on the importance of divine love. A physician gave an informative seminar on ways to stay healthy. Winners of the photo and video contest from the Active Summer 2021 project were announced. Children were awarded the book “The Tale of Hanuman the Valiant Hero ” as a winning prize, while adults were given the book “Yoga Vasishta”. A question-answer session was held before concluding the conference with bhajans.