In early January 2021, the sixth Zonal Conference and Youth Festival of Zone 8 was organized in a virtual setting. More than 80 participants from 30 cities across Russia enthusiastically joined in the online event.  The festival was centered around leadership, and themed, “Doing Good, Speaking Good, Seeing Good, Being Good – qualities of a worthy leader”. Leadership traits of responsibility, selflessness, courage in decision-making, willpower, initiative, and modesty were emphasized. Participants were also encouraged to practice these qualities and lead by example.

The Young Adults made presentations on the traits and tasks of a true, worthy leader. Each presentation was accompanied by an interactive activity, such as review of parables, singing, or a creative task, which also incorporated a spiritual teaching or life lesson. On the second day, the program commenced with devotional songs, and chants. The young adults learned about teamwork, the importance of surrendering to God, and service activities through a video and listening to inspiring experiences of their peers. Participants also engaged in a friendly competition, where three teams pondered over spiritual questions. The youth not only had a chance to play fun games, but also demonstrated excellence in unity, team spirit, leadership, resourcefulness, and spiritual learning. Before closing, the young men and women reflected on their experiences and expressed gratitude for the event.