Inspired by the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba on serving Nature, SSSIO volunteers from Zone 8 took part in the second phase of the “Autumn Tree Planting” initiative between September and October 2020. The Zonal Education Council and Environmental Committee, along with over 100 volunteers from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus joined in this ecological project. Large numbers of plants and trees of different varieties such as cedar, fir, oak, and fruit-bearing trees were planted in groves, parks, playgrounds, and home gardens. Children helped in tending roses and jasmine bushes, and planting maple seeds. They also prepared seedlings of flowers for distribution via online portals. The children also helped in landscaping at the Green Ranch farm and tending animals at the Kentavrik stables. They created artwork, wrote poetry, and displayed a banner to educate everyone about respecting Nature. A video about this project being implemented throughout Zone 8, accompanied by poems, songs, and an educational quiz, was shared online. This project not only helped everyone work in unity and learn about importance of planting trees but also taught the importance of Mother Nature.