A Second Regional Volunteer Camp of the Ural Region took place in the Sverdlovsk area from 9th to 11th September 2016. Twenty-three volunteers, including youth, completed repairs that had been initiated in June 2016 to a three-room Youth Centre that provides cultural activities for children, teenagers, and young adults. The volunteers also repaired damaged flooring in parts of the building. Sathya Sai educators held classes on “The Culture of Communication” and conducted creative workshops for the children and the staff of the Youth Centre. The Centre director expressed gratitude for the assistance and acknowledged the importance of the service activities. The District Chief Physician at the Urban Medical Clinic had earlier requested that the volunteers repair a dilapidated clinic, and they had poured concrete to strengthen the foundation two weeks prior to the camp. During the camp, they installed plasterboard, painted walls and ceilings, replaced electrical wiring and plumbing, and installed new radiators, lighting, a door, a sink, and linoleum on the floor of the clinic. The local medical staff and the Chief Physician were happy to see the transformation of the clinic and the local Mayor expressed heartfelt thanks to the Sathya Sai volunteers.

2016-09-9-11-z8-russia-ural-region-the-volunteer-camp-master-class-in-weaving-mandalas-for-youth-center-visitors2016-09-9-11-z8-russia-ural-region-the-volunteer-camp-door-repairs 2016-09-9-11-z8-russia-ural-region-the-volunteer-camp-repair-floor-in-the-youth-center