The city of Seattle in Washington State has one of the largest homeless populations in USA.   For the past few years, SSSIO volunteers have been providing food to the homeless in downtown Seattle at a local shelter. Since April 2020, volunteers from the Sri Sathya Sai Centers of Sammamish and Lake Washington have served food every weekend to the homeless in downtown Seattle. The volunteers prepare pasta, vegetable rice, and vegetables or peanut-butter sandwiches, which are dropped off at various parks for the homeless, while maintaining health protocols. Additionally, hygiene kits, masks, and sanitizing wipes along with greeting cards and messages of encouragement written by SSE children have also been distributed. This service has been ongoing for six months and has not only given sustenance but also spread love to the homeless, who eagerly await the arrival of volunteers on weekends. In a heart-warming incident, a volunteer who was waiting at a traffic signal in his car observed a homeless person waving from afar. During the subsequent food service, the volunteer inquired how that homeless person knew his car. The person responded, “I know your car. You always bring us food.”