The SSSIO of South Africa designed a national ecological challenge called “The Eco–Brick” project and invited all 13 Regions to participate. Each region was given specific instructions to create Eco-Bricks by filling two-liter plastic bottles with non-biodegradable items such as plastic and polystyrene, weighing between 400 and 500 grams. SSSIO volunteers, in collaboration with the National Go-Green team, chose to construct a sign about Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s divine message, Love All – Serve All, using Eco-Bricks. They created an 18 m long sign using 586 Eco-Bricks and 294 kg of plastic at the Sri Sathya Sai School in Chatsworth, Durban as an offering of love on His 95th birthday. Also, a 3.6 m high concrete wall was constructed and decorated with Baba’s pictures. The volunteers completed the project between October 24 and November 22, 2020. This endeavor created awareness about protecting the environment and making ecologically responsible decisions such as reducing plastic usage. The participants also pledged to cut down on eating packaged foods and practice ‘Ceiling on Desires’. This project has paved the way for future eco-friendly activities using Eco-Bricks, such as building garden boxes, garden walls, and shoe racks at schools and Sri Sathya Sai Centers in South Africa.