In September 2020, SSIO volunteers from Ukraine and Germany distributed a wheelchair, 10 chairs, and a refrigerator to 12 elderly and disabled residents in a village. The recipients expressed their gratitude to the volunteers.

In Kiev, volunteers including children, cleaned and refurbished two sheds at a local rehabilitation center. Two sheds were cleaned and restored and glass, metal frames, and other construction materials were removed from the area. The management of the center expect to build a canteen in the newly freed space. SSIO volunteers have been aiding large and low-income families in in Vinnitsa for the last 15 years. In September 2020, they distributed school material for 48 children, that included notebooks, sketchbooks, rulers, pencils and other school supplies. Additionally, clothes and shoes were distributed. SSIO volunteers assisted a patient who was recovering from a medical operation. They helped clear weed and grass and clean the windows.  Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a cup of hot tea.