Since 2011, students of the Sathya Sai School of Ribeirão Preto have participated in the Brazilian Olympics of Astronomy and Astronautics. In 2019, Ieska Maria Andrade, an exemplary Grade 4 student, secured the Bronze Medal, amongst thousands of students in this nation-wide competition. The Education Secretary of the City of Ribeirão Preto, Mr. Felipe Elias Miguel, presented the medal in a ceremony. The Honourable Councilman Rodrigo Simões, made a motion approved by the City Council, recognizing the important achievement of Ieska and the Sathya Sai School. This award is especially relevant considering that the School caters to students from an underprivileged community. While research indicates that it takes 25 to 30 years for educational institutions to establish themselves, the Sathya Sai School has achieved excellence, despite many challenges, through love, commitment and sacrifices made by students, staff and parents.