More than 30 people participated in a two-day 20th National Conference of the SSIO of Belarus in early March 2018, near Vitebsk, at a venue surrounded by picturesque lakes and forests. The conference focused on awareness of unity to comprehend divine love. Following the welcome address, leaders of Sathya Sai Centres and Groups reported on their activities in 2017. This was followed by an interactive session about activities of the SSIO around the world. The first day ended with an uplifting cultural programme, including poems and songs dedicated to mothers, women, and Sathya Sai Baba. The programme also included the famous fairy tale “Repka,” with a spiritual theme, soulful music, and a dance dedicated to life. On the second day, activities of the devotional wing of the SSIO were discussed, followed by general interactions with the audience. The conference concluded with a round table discussion, wherein participants shared their experiences with Baba.